Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3-29-11 pond fishing

Yesterday I left at 6 in the morning and didnt get home till 5 in the afternoon. Had an awesome day out on a couple of my favorite ponds. In the first pond I launched my boat and used buzzbaits, chatterbaits, and senkos. For most of the day I fished in that pond I think I caught 22 bass all between 1.5 and 3.0 pounds. Then I decided to tie my boat up and walk to another pond. When i got to the other pond to my surprise it was flooded about 5 feet over full pool. I ended up catching 12 in that pond all around 2 pounds but I did catch two that were pushing 4 pounds! So all together ths was a great day on the water.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ten mile 3-27-11

This past weekend my Dad and I caught 15.8 pounds of largemouth out of one of our popular coastal lakes. We had a tournament and the weight behind us was 8 and a half pounds. We caught our fish on jigs, punch rigs, and senkos. The 15.8 pounds only consisted of 4 bass our biggest was just under five pounds and and we had one other over four pounds. Great job Dad! Cast and destroy!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3-20-11 night fishing

My friend Kevin and I went out to my friends lake and went night fishing we caught a total of 29 fish and lost about 5 others. Our five biggest went about 16.4 pounds and all of the fish in the limit other then two came on black and blue chatterbaits. The other two fish came on, a senko wacky rigged, and a 3" crazy leg chigger craw texas rigged.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Shasta, Spotted bass?? not this time

There are supposed to be Spots in Shasta and every time i have fished it i have caught them really good. This includes two tournament wins and other good finishes. This trip which started 1-15-11 and went to the 16th was the worst trip i have ever had down there. I fished about 14 hours in the two days and i managed to get 3 bites and all of them were short strikes that just grabbed the back of my worm. My Dad was fishing with me and he only managed 3 bites also and his were the same just short strikes. Our only excitement of the trip was seeing a spot follow up my dad's dropshot rig. Dang i don't know what the deal is but that lake is tough!! Hopefully it gets better soon, thats really all i have to say about shasta right now...


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

couple more custom painted baits

Here are a few more of my custom painted crankbaits! Baby bass, goby (smallmouth crankbait), and Chub patterns.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shad and Bluegill paints

Here's a couple of my custom painted crank baits the bluegill was made for a friend of mine and the shad pattern is going to be on ebay soon. I will paint any pattern! if you would like to make an order just leave a comment on this post!

Tight lines


My Dad and I decided to go out night fishing in the freezing cold... maybe not such a good idea because it was sooo cold but once we started to get fishing it was a great decision to go. We left the house with the boat hooked up at 1:00 in the morning and got to the lake at 1:20, we fished till the sun came and about an hour after. In total we caught 13 largemouth each and all together 26 including one very nice rainbow trout that weighed 5.8 pounds!! Now to talk about what we caught them on:8 of mine came on jigs two different colors first jig was black/chart./brown the other jig was black and red with a pork chunk. Another 4 of my fish came on a fish head spin and the last one came off of a 6" baitsmith swimbait. 9 of my dad's fish came on the fish head spin and 3 came on a brown jig. The last one of his fish came off of a 6" huddleston rainbow trout swimbait. The majority of the fish came from 18-29 feet of water with maybe 2 or 3 coming from like 10 feet.

Check back in soon for another of my posts!

Tight lines!!